Our Commitment to Artists

Our Commitment to Artists

Thank You.

When the pandemic turned the craft world upside down, you were there for us: With your support, the Society of Arts and Crafts has been able to step up and assist craft artists directly, giving them new ways to use their talents to enliven our world and make it a more joyful and connected place for all of us.

More efforts are needed in the coming year and that’s why we ask for your support!

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Reimagining Our Work.

In 2021, we reimagined ways to support craft and creativity to meet the emerging needs in the community during the pandemic. With a significant investment in new technology, we successfully transformed our highly respected “big booth” CraftBoston show into a year-round virtual marketplace experience. We sustained our craft community by presenting work of more than 300 extraordinary artists in five curated online shows. We eliminated barriers to inclusion, brought more diversity to our artist roster, and showcased creative new voices from the field. Unlimited by geography, our online marketplace united artists and audiences beyond the New England region, and enlarged our artists’ marketing reach and impact.

Craft is an integral part of our culture and with your support we look forward to bringing you craft artistry throughout 2022 and beyond.

This year, we put makers’ stories front and center, highlighting the importance of craft as a lived experience by featuring online studio tours, workshops, and demos. Our artist interviews revealed insights into creative practices and opened up new opportunities for learning and sharing among craft appreciators of all ages and backgrounds. Our wonderful, informative archive can be found on our YouTube channel. Check it out!

Our Challenge.

Craft artists still feel the enormous impact of the pandemic, even as their work continues to enhance the quality of life for all of us. Our commitment is to help artists thrive and adapt to meet new challenges.

We ask for your help to raise more resources to support craft artists at all stages of their careers. We are developing engaging new educational programs and will launch a new mentorship program next year — our 125th Anniversary of elevating the profile of craft and craft artists in New England (and beyond)!

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Together, We Can Help.

Your gift to the Society of Arts and Crafts signals your strong commitment to artists and your belief in the value of creativity in our world. With your gift, we can continue to promote craft artistry and celebrate the renewal of daily life and shared experiences that these much-loved and highly-accessible art forms make possible.

Again, thank you. We are grateful for your generous support.


Gary Roberts, President                   Brigitte Martin, Executive Director