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Aspen Golann

The Annual Mineck Fellowship in Furniture Arts, $25,000 in unrestricted funds awarded every year!


  • Submission Deadline: September 3, 2024
  • Notifications: September 20, 2024


Any US-based emerging and  mid-career Furniture arts/furniture makers. Note that the Mineck is for anyone working in the furniture arts/furniture-making space.  It is NOT only for New England or early career makers!



Introduction and Background
The annual Mineck Fellowship is a grant of $25,000, typically awarded to a young-in-career, emerging or mid-career furniture artist, who wants to fulfill an apprenticeship, develop skills, purchase equipment and/or make the transition to independence. Funded by the John D. Mineck Foundation, the fellowship has made a lasting impact on handmade contemporary furniture and on all of us who care about the growth and evolution of the field. Described by a friend as “that shooting star in your life,” John D. Mineck, who passed away in 2007, was a successful businessman, a skilled golfer, and a passionate lover of woodworking and fine wooden furniture. A man of substance, he served as a Trustee of the Society of Arts and Crafts, as well as numerous other non-profit organizations and projects.

Since the first grant was awarded in 2009, Mineck has enabled 15 individuals to complete work that many of them claim would not have been possible or that would have been significantly delayed without this critical support. Several fellows applied for the grant multiple times (years) before winning it. Mindful that $25,000 does not make one wealthy, most grantees describe the grant as “life-changing.”

Jack Mauch


  • Submission Deadline: September 3, 2024
  • Notifications: September 20, 2024


“I don’t know where I would be if I hadn’t won the fellowship. It came soon after I graduated from North Bennet Street School, when I knew I wanted to make a life in woodwork, but not how to do that. The Mineck Fellowship helped me to realize many aspirations, without which much of what I’ve accomplished would not have been possible.” -Aspen Golan 2020 recipient

“It had a huge and lasting impact on my career. My project was to undergo a self-directed study of digital processes for craft applications

Sophie Glenn

(with a specific goal of learning to veneer extreme compound curving forms) and to buy a CNC router. Since then, integrating craft and digital processes has become my primary focus. In my artwork, I try to use digital tools creatively and in a way that does not eclipse the beauty and magic of traditional craft materials and techniques. I also teach classes to help artists and craftspeople learn these processes from a craft-based orientation.” -Jack Mauch, 2017 recipient

Sophie Glenn, who won in 2022, used the grant to outfit a metalwork shop. Her current work, ‘Rust Never Sleeps’, recreates classic furniture designs out of painted and rusted steel.  At first glance, the pieces appear to be made of wood, and are often met with personal memories and connotations from viewers.  Upon closer inspection, however, it is revealed that the works are just not quite right, with rust spots, humorous images, or implied textiles, among other effects. Glenn encourages viewers to experience wood and steel in a new light and to reevaluate their relationship to furniture.

The fellowship focuses on furniture makers whose work is contemporary and functional. Preference is given to artists who live and work in the Northeast United States, but candidates from other regions in the United States are also considered. International entries are not considered.

Please have all your materials and files ready before beginning the application process; the SA+C entry system cannot save partial entries, and you cannot log in repeatedly to make changes or updates. You must start again if you neglect any documents or details the first time.  You can review this sample form before starting your entry.  

Jurying Process and Selection Criteria

Applications are reviewed and evaluated by a panel of 3 jurors, typically drawn from experienced wood artists, administrators and/or educators of wood-oriented schools, and curators with expertise in wood art and /or furniture. The constitution of the jury group changes from year to year.


  • Quality of the artwork, strength of vision, and a portfolio that evidences growth beyond school or university work
  • Artwork and résumé demonstrating perseverance and commitment to an artistic career
  • The strength and feasibility of the fellowship proposal

Also, note:

  • Applicants must be at least 18 years of age at the time of application
  • Artist collaborations will be considered
  • Currently enrolled, full-time students are not eligible

Past recipients
Will Tracey (2009), Libby Schrum (2010), Bart Niswonger (2011), Nick Hollibaugh (2012), Vivian Beer (2013) Kimberly Winkle (2014), Sarah Marriage (2015), Annie Evelyn (2016), Jack Mauch (2017), Tom Shields (2018), Beatriz Mayorca (2019), Aspen Golann (2020), Jamie Herman (2021), Sophie Glenn (2022). Sarah Watlington (2023).

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Application Fee: $50

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