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Artist Info

Please note that this is the email address we will use to notify you of any sales during the show!

Add a shop link here if not the same URL as your main website listed above

Include a brief artist statement that tells the story behind your work or your experience as an artist. Suggested length: 250 words. The Society reserves the right to abbreviate longer statements for content and to fit available space. Please write it in the first person (ā€œIā€). Even a few sentences is fine, but please avoid redundancy with bio below.

Introduce yourself and share your career highlights. Your bio should be written in 3rd person (she/he/they) should include different information than your Artist Statement. Suggested length: 150 words. The Society reserves the right to abbreviate longer bios for content and to fit available space.

Include a 3-5 minute video to introduce yourself! This video can also provide insight into your work, your process, or your studio.

Maximize your personal connection with our visitors with a headshot or an image of you working in your studio.

Please use a square image format, at least 300 dpi (hi-resolution), minimum 600 x 600 pixels.

File Name Format: LastName_FirstName_PROFILE_ArtistPhoto.jpg

Make your Profile page stand out with a wide banner image on the top of your page. We suggest you use details of your work or studio shots, and avoid using images with text or logos as this image will be cropped based on screen size.

Use the largest version you have of the image, so it can be cropped to a 4:1 ratio. Banner images should be at least 1600 pixels wide and at least 300 dpi.

File Name Format: LastName_FirstName_PROFILE_Banner.jpg

Please include 5 images that give insight into you and your work. Can be action shots, studio space, or artwork (different from your CraftBoston shop items, those will be included lower on the page).

Please provide a brief caption for specific to each image, and do not repeat material from your Artist Statement or Bio as these will be seen on the same page.

File Name Format: Last name _ first name_ PROFILE_image1

Please refer to the Photo Submission Guidelines from the Artist Agreement for other specifications.


Registration confirmation will be emailed to you.

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