Call for Entry: Small Woodworks

Call for Entry: Small Woodworks

Exploring Function, Form, and Fantasy in Wood


  • Submission Deadline: 9/1/2024


  • All selected artists (35-50 artists) will also receive ongoing publicity to our audience of 30,000+
  • There will be an online and print catalog.
  • Plans for an in-person exhibition are in the works (TBD).
  • 35-50 artists will be selected to be included in the online and print catalog and receive ongoing publicity for their work.
  • One artist will be selected for the $1,o00 award.
  • 2-4 artists will be recognized with an Honorable Mention award ($300).

Entry Fee $30.00*

Description and Themes

Wood is an ancient medium, a regenerative gift from nature that humans have used for millennia to create shelter, furniture, and implements. Before the advent of plastic and metal, it was one of the few basic construction materials available. Because it yields to the chisel, the lathe, and the blade, wood is relatively easy to work. As a result, it can be turned into a host of objects, both large and small, practical and artistic.

Kim Winkle; House on Hill Boxes, 2012,
Polychrome wood,
8″h x 18″l x 8″d

Timber Tales invites artists, designers, and creators to submit works of art made of wood that represent a range of personal expressions and points of view. Successful submissions will celebrate the rich narrative of this ancient, organic material through a modern lens.  Makers are encouraged to explore wood’s potential as a small-scale functional object as well as a vehicle for personal narratives, fantasy, folklore, or perhaps a meditation on the medium itself, its role in sustainability, and its effect on climate change.  Artists are encouraged to interpret this call for entry using wood as a primary medium, using woodworking and sculptural techniques, and including secondary media as needed.

Note: This call for entries is for wooden objects. Submissions may include minor household items but it excludes functional furniture such as tables, chairs, cabinets, chests of drawers, which are the focus of the Society’s annual John D. Mineck Furniture Arts Fellowship. Please contact [email protected] if you need clarification.

Jurying Process

Mitch Ryerson; Pleated Box, Alaskan Yellow Cedar, Curly Maple, Wenge, 12″H x 28″W x 9″D

A panel of esteemed jurors with expertise in woodwork and contemporary craft will review the applications, which are presented as blind submissions to ensure impartiality. Jurors will evaluate the submissions based on creative approaches to the theme, craftsmanship, technical proficiency, aesthetics, and other considerations as determined by the jury.


Jennifer-Navva Milliken: Executive Director of the Museum for Art in Wood, in Philadelphia

Kimberly Winkle: wood artist and educator and SA+C John D. Mineck fellow (2014), based in Cookeville, TN.  Kimberly_Winkle

Mitch Ryerson, an artist, designer, and craftsman specializing in wood structures and furniture at Mitch Ryerson Design, based in Cambridge, MA.


This call is open to both emerging and established makers.

The Museum for Art in Wood, Philadelphia, PA

Submission Guidelines

  • Please have all your materials and files ready before beginning the application process; the SA+C entry system cannot save partial entries, and you cannot log in repeatedly to make changes or updates. You must start again if you neglect any documents or details the first time.  You can review this sample form before starting your entry.  
  • Works of Art: Submit up to three pieces that address the theme of this exhibition and were created within the last five years and the size is limited to 3′ in any direction.
  • Text: You will be asked to submit a general artist statement, a short description of each object, and image details.
  • Key Elements to Explore:
  1. Function
  2. Form
  3. Narrative
  4. Fantasy

Image Requirements and File Names

  • Submit up to two (2) pieces, with a full and detail image of each piece. Photographs should be JPEG or TIFF files sized at a minimum of 4 x 6 inches and (at least) 300 dpi.
  •  Photographs should be JPEG or TIFF files sized at a minimum of 4 x 6 inches and (at least) 300 dpi and will be uploaded online. Please follow this file naming convention: LName_WorkTitle_Full/Detail.jpg or .TIFF
  • File name example: MSmith_SpringVessel_Full.jpg or MSmith_SpringVessel_Detail.jpg.

**We are committed to promoting equity in the arts and recognize the importance of alleviating financial stress. If you need a fee waiver, please reach out to us.

We welcome your entries!