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Apply for CraftBoston Themed Shows 

The Society of Arts + Crafts invites craft artists to participate in CraftBoston, four exciting online retail opportunities in the form of themed shows. Each show, lasting approximately 6-10 weeks, will allow our artist community to work with us on more than one occasion, and will give artists an opportunity to present their work — and viewers to see their work — in a context that highlights the breadth of approaches to a single concept.

Opportunity Overview: Artists may apply to as many shows in 2021 as their work is suitable for:

“Fiber Stories”: All fiber artists — basket makers, weavers, knitters, quilters, felters, rug makers, and artists who use fiber techniques in other media — are invited to showcase their work and come together for storytelling sessions.

Application deadline: May 7, 2021
Show dates: July 16 – Aug 29, 2021

“Cups of Good”: Makers of vessels (such as cups, bowls, or containers) are invited to submit their work together with their favorite food/drink recipes!

Application deadline: July 9, 2021
Show dates: Sept 10 – Oct 31, 2021


CraftBoston Holiday Online 2021: Craft artists of all media are invited to feature work that is suitable for gift-giving, including clothing, jewelry, toys, home decor, and so much more!

Application deadline: Sept. 3, 2021
Show dates: Nov 12, 2021 – January 30, 2022

Application fee: Only $15 (for processing and jurying) per show.

Consignment: The Society will issue a consignment contract for the specified period(s). Items will be sold with a 60% artists / 40% Society split on the retail price. Artwork must be available for sale during the entire consigned period. The Society reserves the right to offer small promotional discounts on occasion but the artist will receive their full commission on the original retail price.

Possession: All consigned artwork will remain in the physical possession of the artist until it is sold and shipped. 

Shipment and cost: The Society has learned that most items sold online are small and fall under a certain value threshold which makes them easy and inexpensive to mail. The 60% commission for artists is meant to  simply and fully compensate the artists for incurring typically low shipping costs. However, larger and heavier items such as furniture, extremely fragile items or those of a higher retail value than $500 may necessitate added shipping measures. To account for this, such items will be exempt from having the shipping cost included in the retail; in this case, the buyer will be prompted upon purchase to discuss appropriate transportation and cost directly with the artist, and these shipping costs will be borne by the buyer. Items that fall in this category will be clearly marked at the point of sale. 

Participants in all 2021 CraftBoston events will receive:

  • A designated online listing on the Society/CraftBoston website for the duration of the event, including an enhanced profile and room for up to 10 consigned artworks.
  • An option to link their artist listing to a personal website or other marketplace for added sales opportunities.
  • Society marketing support: emails, social media, website, and internal and external newsletters and banners.
  • Society-generated promotional materials for participating artists to send to their own list of customers.

Application Requirements:

  • Completed application form (see below)
  • Images of up to ten (10) artworks to be included in the show. Images should be JPG or PNG files and at least 300 dpi.
  • Image description document: a single PDF detailing additional information on each artwork included in the application. This document should include: title, image file name, medium, dimensions, photo credit (if applicable), retail price, and a brief description of the artwork (optional).
  • Application fee

Participation Requirements for Accepted Artists:

  • Signed Consignment Agreement
  • Up to ten (10) artworks held for consignment per applied period. Minimum retail price: $50.00 per item (Cups of Good), $75.00 per item (Holiday).
  • Photos and descriptions of artwork available uploaded to the Society website.
  • Up to five (5) images of artworks to showcase your broader body of work. These images should be different from the submitted retail shop items. Because these images will be displayed on the artist profile, they function as additional visional enticement, encouraging viewers to visit an artist’s website for add-on purchases.
  • Link to your website or web store.
  • An artist headshot, or a photo of you working in your studio.
  • Optional: a short (3-5 minute) video about you, your art, or your process so that buyers can connect with the person behind the art, URL format.


Please email the CraftBoston team at [email protected] with any questions.


Applications for 2022 shows coming soon!