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CraftBoston™: Fiber Stories

Fiber Stories Splash Page

July 16 - August 29, 2021

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It seems like everyone remembers how and when they first learned to work with fabric or fiber. Your first weaving project on that third-grader’s loom, how did it turn out? Did your parents or grandparents teach you how to make a basket? What happened to that sweater you knit, did you finish it or has it remained, unfinished, in a closet corner?

CraftBoston: Fiber Stories highlights the strong bond between the fiber arts and storytelling. Over the course of six weeks this summer, we will explore the creativity and versatility of more than 40 contemporary artists working with fiber or using traditional fiber techniques in other media. Join our craft community July 16th – August 29th for artist interviews and demonstrations, conversations with experts in the field, and the chance to shop our artists’ one-of-a-kind handmade wares!

ADIFF's Fiber Story


We were recently introduced to a contemporary fiber designer who uses upcycled traditional “waste materials” to create clothing and accessories in a manufacturing facility in Athens, Greece, that employs resettled refugee tailors from Afghanistan. Founder Angela Luna and her team at ADIFF designed a jacket that can turn into a tent to provide assistance to homeless and refugee populations. Watch this brief video to learn more about this inspirational business, and stay tuned for more Fiber Stories throughout the show!

We couldn’t be more excited about sharing Fiber Stories and the wonderful pieces we will offer in our online retail shop this summer. You are invited to join us!

The storytelling and retail experience begins here on July 16, 2021!

Featured Artists

Banks, Alisa
Black, Meg
Bodine, Danielle
Bonner, Michèle Fandel
Chappell, Cael
Chiu, Min W.
Chung, Jiyoung
Cohen, Einat
Colecchia, Mara
Comeau, Merill
Crasco, Nancy
Dees, Lynne
Eichler-Messmer, Kim
Friedman, Michele
Gereau, Kristin
Gori-Montanelli, Danielle

Heppe, Gaylene
Hershberg, Betsy
Holliday, Renee
Holmes, Katie Rose
Hu, Sophia
Jaeger, Mary
Kramer, Berri
Lippert, Connie
Luna, Angela
McBrien, Jennifer
Miebach, Nathalie
Miller, Sandra
Morris, Rachel
Norris, Scott
Owen, Shannon
Petrovich-Cheney, Laura

Poole, Barbara
Prangley, Sally
Rayburn, Jenne
Rose, Corliss & John
Sherfield, Norman
Spangler, Leandra
Stewart, Debra
Stone, Sam & Nora Swan
Sunshine, Amy
Thomas-Gentry, Tamra
Turpin, Mary
Veleta, Paula
Washburn, Hanna
Wilson, Erin
Young, Muffy

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