J Shannon Floyd

J Shannon Floyd

Prior to participating in Craft Boston last December I was working primarily as a production glass blower, making work for others to sell. Doing shows and selling my own work was something that I knew I wanted to transition into but I found the thought of actually doing it to be both overwhelming and confusing.  The Mentor Program provided me with the support I needed to participate in a large scale show; it was reassuring to know that if I had questions or wanted feedback on an idea there would be someone at the Society of Arts and Crafts that I could reach out to for answers.  The assistance that the mentor program provided me with was invaluable in getting me to where I am today; it gave me the confidence I needed to make the transition into supporting myself through my own art. – Floyd


Having first discovered glass in high school, J. Shannon Floyd was immediately drawn to it. She gained experience in the material and its constant, evolving challenge as a student at MassArt; since graduating in 2015, she has worked with a number of glass artists across the country and taught classes at numerous craft schools. Currently she is developing new lines of work and learning to balance the business and creative sides of being an artist, and is gaining experience in what works and doesn’t work, commercially and artistically.





In her work, Floyd uses traditional glass blowing techniques that have been passed down through generations. Her simple, elegant forms are inspired by Scandinavian and mid-century modern designs but evoke a timeless quality that exemplify her traditional methods. 





The shapes in Shannon’s work are both playful and elegant. Even as they evoke classic forms, her works retain their own vivid personality.Using jewel colors, Floyd creates rich and elegant pieces that are both bold statements and functional objects.




J Shannon Floyd demonstrates the beauty and power of hand-made fine craft works as functional objects. In a world of sameness, her pieces truly illuminate difference. Shannon lives and works in Boston.



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