Christina Vincent

Christina Vincent

My greatest take away from the Society of Arts and Crafts as an emerging artist is exposure. Being in the earlier stages of my fine woodworking career, this program I think has helped in establishing a solid reputation for quality and originality of craftsmanship. This exposure and networking from a highly reputable institution is critical for an artist’s career.  – Vincent

Christina Vincent came to woodworking indirectly, through a series of jobs that included interior design and carpentry. While building her own house, she began to create small pieces of furniture out of salvageable wood; as her interest grew and she embarked on training in the craft, she was aware of a transition in her thinking from carpenter to woodworker.





As a Maine native who not only loves the outdoors, but is immersed in it (she lives on an island where the mainland is accessible only by boat or plane), the natural world is a big part of her artistic inspiration in all of her work.







Her mission is to create innovative and artistic furniture pieces while highlighting the beauty of natural wood. The goal is for each piece to be versatile, useful and lasting as an object, while also engaging the user’s interest and artistic sensibility to enhance their enjoyment of the piece and the life it is a part of.







Each piece is handmade in a small-scale studio. Vincent employs a “palette” of native hardwoods, choosing the timber for color, pattern, and texture, and amplifying the unique characteristics of the wood in each design. She pays particular attention to the details in form, and finishing elements like joinery, in order to evoke the beauty of nature that she is inspired by. As in nature, every piece is one-of-a-kind, and not the product of scaled production methods.


Christina Vincent demonstrates the beauty and power of hand-made fine craft works as functional objects. In a world of sameness, their pieces truly illuminate difference. Vincent lives and works in Maine (of course!).



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Photo credit: Bill Trevaskis