Vessel (Abundance)

By Anders Nienstaedt



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A detailed, carved replica of a discarded and partially crushed cup from a popular fast-food chain. The carved cup is mounted on a base fabricated from a cardboard tube. These sorts of vessels (tubes, cups) are important to everyday life, acting as containers not only for goods but also for our conscious and unconscious values and aspirations. By slightly transforming these everyday objects, I hope to invoke a sense of wonder at the strange beauty and unsettling moral complexity of these contemporary objects and by extension, our lives.

Wood (Carved basswood with milk paint, cardboard, acrylic, and plywood base)

6 x 6 x 12 inches

About the artist

Anders Nienstaedt is an artist, writer, filmmaker, and cartoonist. He was born in Iron Mountain, Michigan in 1989 and currently lives in Madison, Wisconsin. He is a 2021 graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison MFA program in visual arts....Read MoreRead Less
Media: Wood
Category: Home/Decor

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