Swallows in Flight

By Coby Unger


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A zoetrope is a primitive form of animation using physical motion to create a stop-motion. This zoetrope incorporates both traditional wood working techniques and high-tech CNC. In the winter months my grandfather spent his afternoons making birdhouses for swallows which he hung come springtime. This inspired me to focus on swallows as the subject for the zoetrope animation.

Wood (Maple, Walnut, LED lights, Motor )

26 x 14 x 25 inches

About the artist

Coby Unger is a professional mess maker. In his artistic works he aims to find delight in the ordinary. Coby primarily works in wood, but prefers pulling boards from dumpsters, milling from fallen trees, or rescuing broken furniture over trips to the lumber yard. Trees, like humans, he believes are imperfect and unique and should be celebrated for that. After studying industrial design at Philadelphia University (now Thomas Jefferson University) his work has ranged from efficient cooking stoves, adaptable prosthetic arms, and emergency ventilators to wooden eyeglasses and chair backs installed in tree stumps. Coby enjoys a position at the MIT Hobby Shop where he teaches wood working, metal fabrication and design. Outside of the workshop Coby can be found helping out on friends' farms, volunteering on an ambulance, climbing in the mountains or cooking elaborate meals with the other members of his Somerville MA Co-Op....Read MoreRead Less
Media: Wood
Category: Other

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