Ode to the Great Gorilla [Collection: Vibranium Vibes]

By Intruse Studio of Contemporary Fine Craft, Tamra Thomas-Gentry



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Inspired by the costume for the character M'Baku in the movie Black Panther, this piece combines refined hand-dyed Japanese silk with raw scoured silk and mercerized cotton. It is a tribute both to the Jabari tribe leader, and to the creativity of Oscar-winning costume designer Ruth Carter.
Height (depth from flat on table): 1.5".
Length (necklace circumference): 20".
Width (approximate necklace spread): 5".

Fiber/Wearable, Metal/precious (argentium sterling silver, commercial bronze, Japanese silk thread, raw scoured silk thread, mercerized cotton)

4 x 1.5 inches

About the artist

Tamra Thomas-Gentry is a self-taught metalsmith, textile artisan, and independent scholar in craft and craft history from the perspective of African-American craftsmen. She earned her bachelor's degree in physics from Florida A&M University, and her master's degree in education from Vanderbilt University. Tamra’s hybrid metal and textile jewelry is made using hand-constructed cords that she creates by braiding very fine silk threads into micro-textiles of varying structure and design. The techniques she employs for these tiny textiles originate in ancient Chinese, Japanese and Peruvian cultures. Tamra often uses her braids in place of gemstone embellishment because they add a unique textural and color component to her work. An accomplished metalsmith, she makes all of the focal items, closures, and hand-woven chains as well. Tamra is a native of St. Louis, and she now lives in the Chicagoland area with her husband and her Standard Schnauzers, Pippin and Prisca. ...Read MoreRead Less

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