Etruscan Vessel

By Cyd Rowley Jewelry, Cyd Rowley



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This vessel pendant is made from sterling silver with an asymmetric granular texture around the top, which acts like small diamonds that reflect points of light. The bottom half is covered in an 18K gold leaf with a protective acrylic coating. The chain is 26" and the total length with the vessel is 28" long. You can use it to hold an item you treasure, evoking a memory of a time or place that gives you a feeling of joy. You can also use this as a meditative object in the palm of your hand as you take a moment to reflect, stay in the present moment, or breathe deeply.

Metal/precious (Sterling silver and 18K gold leaf)

1 x 1 x 2 inches

About the artist

Cyd lived in England for many years after college and following her move back to Maryland she retrained as a jeweler at the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore. She now runs a jewelry studio where she does her own work and provides space for other jewelers. She has created the studio as a destination for workshops, classes, demonstrations, guild meetings, events, parties and meetings with customers. Her work is constantly inspired by her travels around the world, museum exhibitions, and her garden. She derives the greatest enjoyment from conceptualizing and creating her jewelry and from meeting customers and other artists....Read MoreRead Less
Media: Metal/precious
Category: Jewelry

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