Daisy Shield Brooch

By Kathryn Bowman Studio LLC, Kathryn Bowman



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This is a one-of-a kind brooch. The brooch was crafted as a talisman to safeguard the wearer as they meet the energies around them. Carefully chosen words are embossed into the metal; kindness, wonder, joy, grace, honesty, and empathy. Prismacolor pencil is applied to fix the words in time in the copper. A miniature sterling silver vase becomes the back to the brooch and provides the mechanism for attachment. A profusion of seed beads are attached to the center creating luscious texture. This Brooch clears an energetic path for the wearer in the here and now and provides a secret protection and confidence for the wearer.

Glass, Metal/other, Metal/precious (Brooch created with copper colored with prismacolor pencils, supported on sterling silver mechanism, and embellished with seed beads)

2.25 x 2.25 x .65 inches

About the artist

Kathryn Bowman started life on a farm on the plains of Colorado. The vastness of this perspective rooted Kathryn with a sense of partnership with nature and wove its way into her artistic vision. A love of making started early by drawing, painting, and stitching before starting school. As a young adult, Kathryn wanted to see the greater world and found the perfect career for her wanderlust as an international flight attendant. While wandering the halls of the greatest museums of the world, she was inspired by the works of the great masters. A deep love of travel is in her bones to this day and serves as a great source of inspiration. Now living near the confluence of the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers, Kathryn’s artistic focus is to tap into the abundant beauty of the natural world. By using floral imagery in her work, her intention is to plant a desire in the wearer or observer to preserve our planet. Her purposeful balance of metal and woven glass gives each piece the solidity, variety of texture and joyous color from our natural world while coaxing a smile with her whimsy....Read MoreRead Less

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