Acrobat Basket

By Sally Prangley



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Inspired by trapeze and high wire artists, the Acrobat Basket is light and airy. It playfully visualizes a delicate balance between its many linear shapes. Made with annealed steel wire, this piece is part basket, part sculpture. Wire acts as the outline while paper fills in, or illustrates, the basket in colors. I also use colored pencil to add subtle patterns to each paper tile. The finished Acrobat Basket is solid and strong, able to hold objects if desired. The paper parts are finished with a clear sealant for use.

Mixed Media, Paper (annealed steel wire, papers)

9 x 9 x 11 inches

About the artist

Sally blends traditional basketry and wirework techniques to create her unusual wire objects. All work is done by hand, freeform, using only wire and whatever materials she includes in the construction, most often paper, found objects, or vintage beads. Sally has drawn, painted, and created mixed-media art all her life and is largely self-taught. She minored in art history at Northwestern University and received her MBA in marketing from the George Washington University. Sally lives in her hometown of Seattle after many years on the east coast....Read MoreRead Less
Media: Mixed Media, Paper
Category: Home/Decor

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