The season of love has arrived and Valentine's Day is fast approaching. Those of you who are last minute shopping for those you love are welcome to stop by the Society of Arts & Crafts for a wide array of gift options! From friends to lovers, family, and even your pet dog, expressing your love and appreciation through handcrafted art has never been easier. Here are some of our staff's favorites:  

Molly Regan, Marketing Manager, at the Society of Arts + Crafts recommends this necklace by artist Chihiro Makio for your Galentines. This large stardust pendant is crafted out of oxidized sterling silver and hand-drilled with a tiny drill bit with care. A delicate and simultaneously bold piece, the large stardust pendant is a reminder that sometimes it's the small things that matter the most to the ones you love.

Stardust pendant by Chihiro Makio/314 Studio
Molly modeling this gem of a necklace that sparkles like the Seaport!

Vicky Rodriguez, CraftBoston Director, is enthusiastic about these mugs by artist Lindsay Rogers. Specializing in brown stoneware clay, artist Lindsay Rogers is known for her pottery which places an emphasis on the importance of a well-prepared meal. Her intentional, functional ceramics complete any homemade meal. "The thing about a mug is that it is so versatile," says Rodriguez, "Buying two is an invitation: either for a friend or a special someone." Enjoy a cup of tea with someone you love or even by yourself! Let's not forget about self-love this Valentine's Day. Works by Rogers are currently on view in Our Cups Runneth Over.

Coffee is life for Vicky.
Mugs and Teapot by Lindsay Rogers, currently on view in Our Cups Runneth Over

George Summers Jr., retail curator at the Society, gravitates towards Joyce Scott's Rods Neckpiece (2015), on display and available for purchase at our current gallery exhibition Adorning Boston and Beyond. "She's the godmother of beading," says Summers about his good friend. Scott is an African-American artist best known for her beadwork that embodies subtle commentary on stereotypes that she often experiments with in her art. Scott often uses humor to address racism, sexism, and other social injustices in order to make it more digestible for audiences. Her work in jewelry resulted in winning the MacArthur Genius Grant in 2016. "I've been following her career for probably ten years now," says Summers, "I love her work because it's got a social commentary to it." The month of February also celebrates Black History Month, and artists like Joyce Scott that contribute to the contemporary dialogue of African-Americans in craft.

Rods Neckpiece (2015), Joyce J. Scott Glass beads, fused glass, horn, Courtesy of Mobilia Gallery. Currently on view in Adorning Boston and Beyond.
Summers and Scott in 2018.

Our current exhibition Adorning Boston and Beyond closes on February 17th, perfectly timed with the closing of this holiday. Fortunately, our retail gallery space is also full of gift ideas for Valentine's Day and special occasions year round so feel free to stop by and help support artists! All purchases made in our space help support artists and allow us to engage the public in craft. There's nothing greater than the gift of art that has been made with love!