Artist Showcase: Kyungmin Park

Artist Showcase: Kyungmin Park

Posted on Nov. 02, 2023

Kyungmin Park, member of the SA+C Artist Resource Council, is plowing new ground in her sculptural work. She revels in the whimsical and imbues each of her sculptures with their own character and personality. Kyungmin’s work was recently featured on the cover of Ceramics Monthly.

“Park is well known for her high level of craftsmanship on the intricate, mostly child-like figures she creates. The various expressions on the faces of her figures are over-exaggerated, sometimes frozen mid-tantrum or mid-tears. And perhaps Park’s work is familiar to viewers because she is entering the next stage of her own development as an artist and an educator—she is now a mid-career professional.

Currently an associate professor at Endicott College in Beverly, Massachusetts, Park spoke candidly about her past, the struggle of being mid-career, and future aspirations.” (excerpted from Joey Quiñones, “In the Middle: The Changing Face of Kyungmin Park.” Ceramics Monthly, November 2023, P. 34- 37)

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“You are making this because you want to. Art is my language. Sharing [art] is caring. Caring for others. Caring for the world. I wouldn’t have survived without art. You survived because you are making. We are thriving because we are making.”

Kyungmin also is currently showing her work at these two galleries:

Thank you to Kyungmin Park for serving on the Society of Arts+ Crafts Arts Resource Council!