Wrist warmers with thumb opening

By Vilma Mare Baltic style, Vilma Mare



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Call it winter jewelry. One can wear it over the gloves or as is. It adds an extra layer to the wrist area, where body heat is fast escaping. Beaded by hand. Baltic indigenous costumes include wrist warmers for beauty and protection.

Fiber/Wearable (boiled wool blend )

About the artist

All work is designed and executed by Vilma Mare, sartorial artist and designer promoting boiled wool, the body’s best heat regulator. She has created a novel sewing technique that helps form fitted clothes in a particularly original aesthetic. Inspiration comes from studying Indigenous cultures and their focus on the aspect of protection in multiple aspects, especially that of harmony between Man and Nature. Vilma creates fashion following eco rules, the wisdom of the sustainable ethnic societies, and within the framework of Baltic style: somber and reasonable, eloquent and communicable. Fitted jackets, dresses, coats and accessories with her signature criss-crossing linear darts transform women’s shapes into a sculpture. She developed a successful customizing technology within textural compositions that enhances a good fit. A novel sewing technique to shape clothes. Fashion design of original aesthetics. ... there is no bad weather, only a missing layer of wool… ...Read MoreRead Less

Also by: Vilma Mare

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