Waves in Blues Tableware (Set of 4)

By Beyond the Fringes Wedding Blankets and Tableware, Debra Stewart



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A lovely set of mats with waves of light blue tones will handsomely complement your table. These unique mats are woven with a silk wrapped paper linen thread wound on a stainless steel core. Functional, elegant, and sturdy, they are meant for everyday as well as special occasions. Organic cotton base with several spun threads to create waves of texture and color. Comes in a set of 4.

Fiber/Decorative (Organic cotton base with several spun threads)

15 x 20 inches

About the artist

Beyond the Fringes is a Boston-based handweaving studio specializing in high-end luxury textiles. Master weaver Debra Stewart has produced fabrics for department stores, design houses, and private clients, working in silk, angora, alpaca, mohair, and exotic fibers including leather, paper, and gold. Debra’s life as a weaver began during her studies at Emerson College, when she rescued an old handloom from an attic in Vermont and restored it to working condition. Experimenting on that small loom, she fell in love with the art of textile design. Her passion for weaving was further inspired by her experience studying with master textile craftsmen in British Columbia. She founded Beyond the Fringes as a line of elevated handwoven accessories and materials for the home. Beyond the Fringes offers a full range of interior fabrics, from Moroccan-inspired wedding blankets, pillows, and brushed mohair throws, to luxe tableware. The new collection of oversized placemats, crossmats, and table runners offers contemporary statement pieces inspired by classic handloom patterns. ...Read MoreRead Less

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