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Our "famous" all-in-one skirted legging is loved by all, young or old, short or tall. Just step in, pull them up and be on your way. If it's not jeans we are wearing it's Spantaloons!
Available in sizes XS - XL. Please include the size of the item you are purchasing in the notes during checkout.

Fiber/Wearable (Rayon jersey fabric that is knit in California and sewn in Vermont.)

About the artist

With a treadle machine, a stick of wood for a ruler…and no electricity, outside the tent she was living in, Joan designed and produced the FAT HAT with wonderful directions for its care and handling. At a craft show in NYC, a journalist watched enthusiastically as she folded and rolled the hat into different styles. He loved the “shape-able, drape-able hat,” wrote an article, and the hats took off. People everywhere wanted… “HATS FOR WHATEVER SHAPE YOUR HEAD'S IN!” The next step… making clothing for “whatever shape YOU'RE in! And so the F.H. Clothing Co began. When “made in Vermont” was a marketable niche, entrepreneurialism was at its heyday. Joan became an example of a successful Vermont businesswomen and was in a film that won a regional Emmy and was used by graduate business schools around the country. 40 years in business, thousands of happy customers later, Joan continues to design and make clothing “that loves you just the way you are." ...Read MoreRead Less

Also by: Fat Hat Clothing Co.

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