Tiger Eye Stone Ring with Opal Channel Inlay

By Susan Jefferson Jewelry Designs, Susan Jefferson



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This handcrafted ring is cut on an angle from Tiger Eye. A channel is cut in the stone and lab opal is inlayed piece by piece! This one-of-a-kind ring is polished to a shine and finished with a fine silver liner stamped with the artist logo. Size 6.75

Metal/other, Other (Stone and fine silver)

About the artist

Susan is a mainly self-taught jewelry artist working in stone, metal, and beads. Her passion for creating came out of her desire to make jewelry to match her clothing, and has led her to explore other mediums such as precious metal clay, glass, polymer clay, metals, and stone. Several years ago she rekindled her childhood love of rocks and began her journey into lapidary. Her current work is focused on cutting and polishing cabochons and creating unique jewelry pieces with combinations of stone, metal, and beads. Her stone rings with opal channel inlay are each one of a kind and represent many hours of work in her studio perfecting her technique. Her love of color drives her to seek out unique stones and her designs always incorporate color in some way. Susan has taught classes in beading and kumihimo at Snow Farm Arts & Crafts, as well as local bead shops in her area. She has two grown children and works in her Upstate NY studio with her husband and her dog, Henry....Read MoreRead Less
Media: Metal/other, Other
Category: Jewelry

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