Spore 111

By Flavia Lovatelli



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Nature-inspired, this little seeded spore is intended to represent a plant spore, but could also represent a coral or sea sponge. This little gem is made with colorful recycled magazine pages from People Magazine I coiled and then manipulated into dome shapes. I filled the spore with expired medicine which I am collecting from my community, the likes of Advil, Tylenol and such. I start by creating a paper-mache shell onto which I glue the rolled up paper shapes and take time to puzzle my pieces into place.

Paper (Recycled magazine paper assemblage sculpture )

4 x 4 x 4 inches

About the artist

Flavia is a Columbia, SC based artist, her work is created with strips of recycled paper collected from magazines, flyers and papers found in her daily life. She is intrigued with the colors and textures in everyday printed matter. Coiling is a very tedious and time-consuming process, it takes countless hours to roll enough strips of magazine pages into coils to create anything of substance. It is an intuitive and ongoing visual experiment....Read MoreRead Less
Media: Paper
Category: Home/Decor

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