SPAM Kitty Mug (B)

By Simple Journey 365 Pottery, June Lee



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Inspired by my husband, Larry - SPAM is his childhood memory and his comfort food. Larry has a great sense of humor, and he gives me good inspiration (occasionally) and I remember giving him a few cans of SPAM for his birthday two years ago when we can't go out to celebrate. And guess what he is getting this year - SPAM KITTY! (Shh! Don't tell him!) This SPAM kitty mug has a comfortable handle and is absolutely a fun gift for all ages! This mug is 100% handmade - thrown on wheel, handprinted, high-fired. Food safe, microwave safe, dish-washer safe. Hand-wash preferred to retain the brightness of the color on the surface.

Ceramic (Porcelain)

3.75 x 3.25 inches

About the artist

June Lee was born in Hong Kong and moved to the U.S. while she was 17. June was introduced to clay from Wellesley High School while she was 18. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Northeastern University, however, it's her dream to pursue for her happiness of being an artist (and a teacher.) In 2009, she started her clay journey at Mudflat Pottery School as a student. In 2019, June became a full-time studio artist and faculty member - it was her real dream comes true. She teaches multiple community kids clay classes, after-school clay at a local elementary school, as well as beginning wheel classes for adults. It's her passion to share her joy of clay to others. ...Read MoreRead Less
Media: Ceramic
Category: Home/Kitchen

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