Sky Blue Stud Earring

By Sonja Grondstra Designs, Sonja Grondstra



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Sky blue, enameled handcrafted glass set in sterling silver.


About the artist

Sonja Grondstra gathers beach glass from the shores of New England. She is drawn by the unique shapes and soothing colors of the glass that has been tossed and tumbled along the rocky coast for many years. Sonja selects pieces of beach and complementary glass and sets them into intricate and creative designed necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings and other fine jewelry. The glass is hand bezel-set in sterling silver or gold, accompanied by pearls and semi-precious stones. On occasion she include beautiful pieces of beach pottery into her designs. Sonja's signature series is called “Oceans Apart”, dedicated to her family and friends across the seas. Today, in addition to using natural beach glass, the line has evolved into an augmentation of the glass by shaping and coloring; this has opened up an endless color and design palette. Sonja's work is contemporary, one of a kind jewelry inspired by Mother Nature, if it were not for beach glass she would not have the jewelry career she has today. Sonja is following in the footsteps of the two people most inspirational to her work, her late grandmother, and her mother. Sonja's mother is a graduate of the Museum School of Fine Arts in Boston, Massachusetts and has since moved to Oaxaca Mexico with her husband, where she continues creating art and jewelry. When Sonja's grandmother passed away, she dedicated her jewelry career to her, symbolizing her memory in an Ocean Angel’ talisman that was created from her favorite pieces of beach glass. Sonja's grandmother, originally from Holland, was a silversmith and jewelry designer. Sonja began her jewelry career with classes at Massachusetts College of Art. Her first project was to create an object that reflected the environment. Sonja chose to incorporate various shades of green beach glass into the design of a palm tree. The seed was planted! Classes in goldsmithing and jewelry design followed in Seattle Washington, continued at the Decordova Museum and other jewelry workshops. Sonja now works in Swampscott Massachusetts and has been creating beautiful jewelry for over 25 years. Walking her dog on the beach has evolved into a career and a spiritual journey for Sonja. The sunlight reflects on the shards of glass, illuminating the rare hidden treasures. The rhythmic surf softens and relaxes her soul bringing a feeling of tranquility and calmness. When Sonja finds gallery-quality beach gems, an excitement washes over her, awakening her creative desire to develop new jewelry. The ultimate day for a beach glass hunt for Sonja is, at low tide, just after a storm when the skies are clear and the sun is high. ...Read MoreRead Less
Media: Metal/other
Category: Jewelry

Also by: Sonja Grondstra

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