Single Branch Earring

By Angely Martinez Jewelry, Angely Martinez



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The Single Branch Earring represents a miniature tree twig created as a single earring, a signature Angely Martinez Jewelry piece. The piece has evolved recently into incorporating more colored gemstones. Part of the Vermilion Collection.


1.5 inches

About the artist

Born in Dominican Republic, Angely Martinez is an award winning jewelry designer and maker based in New York City. Creating conceptual fine jewels that push the boundaries of traditional jewelry, her work is influenced by the beauties of nature and the world of fantasy with a touch of the Baroque and the avant-garde. These are themes that she has been obsessed with since childhood. She's constantly designing and hand-fabricates most of her pieces at her home studio. She's currently working on 2 collections and heavily obsessed with the Dutch Baroque Period....Read MoreRead Less
Media: Metal/precious
Category: Jewelry

Also by: Angely Martinez

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