Silk Shibori Shawl, Sunset

By Cathayana, Min W. Chiu



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Resplendent with color, this dazzling scarf is pleated and dyed by hand using Shibori techniques. The colors in each shawl represent inspirations from nature. Dry clean. Avoid moisture and do not iron. Coil it up and store in a plastic zip-lock bag. Artist-made in the U.S.A.


20 inches

About the artist

Min W. Chiu was born and raised in Beijing, China. She graduated from Peking University with a bachelor’s degree of science, but Min always had a passion for art and crafts. Immigrating to America provided Min with the opportunity to pursue what she always loved – handmade art and crafts. Min’s passion for art is rooted in the concept of transforming thought to form – bringing to life what was once just imagination into reality. In recent years, Min and her team have been making scarves with the Arashi Shibori, a traditional Japanese technique to dye fabric. She creates scarves that are a reflection of nature, with color inspiration from the majestic Grand Canyon to elegant peacocks. For each of her Shibori scarves, Min uses a piece of white silk. It is then dyed, pleated, discharged, and painted, all by hand. Although the process is time-consuming and demanding, Min finds joy in it because of the final product, a vibrant and dramatic scarf....Read MoreRead Less

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