Silk Infinity Scarf in Purples and Reds

By Cathayana, Min W. Chiu



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The dynamic interplay of Shibori dyeing and hand-pleating imparts this dazzling adornment with a mesmerizing, kaleidoscopic effect. 62" circumference when worn in a single loop; stretches to maximum circumference of 100". 9" wide. Ruffled narrowed edges. Dry clean; do not iron. Avoid moisture and do not iron. Artist-made in the U.S.A.


60 x 9 inches

About the artist

Min W. Chiu was born and raised in Beijing, China. She graduated from Peking University with a bachelor’s degree of science, but Min always had a passion for art and crafts. Immigrating to America provided Min with the opportunity to pursue what she always loved – handmade art and crafts. Min’s passion for art is rooted in the concept of transforming thought to form – bringing to life what was once just imagination into reality. In recent years, Min and her team have been making scarves with the Arashi Shibori, a traditional Japanese technique to dye fabric. She creates scarves that are a reflection of nature, with color inspiration from the majestic Grand Canyon to elegant peacocks. For each of her Shibori scarves, Min uses a piece of white silk. It is then dyed, pleated, discharged, and painted, all by hand. Although the process is time-consuming and demanding, Min finds joy in it because of the final product, a vibrant and dramatic scarf....Read MoreRead Less

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