By Norman Sherfield



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Found porcelain figurine, stone, and knotted waxed linen create a vintage little doll that has a huge stone head. Or, flip her over and the doll is standing on its head and will rock back and forth. A real head banger.

Fiber/Decorative, Other (Knotted fiber sculpture)

5 x 3 x 3 inches

About the artist

Knot Now, Knot Here, Knot Forever. Norman Sherfield's current work revolves around using found kitsch ceramic figurines and giving them a new skin. Some have objects inside the figurines that make noise when shaken. They want you to play with them. His work reflects the strangeness of the world and gives that strangeness an opportunity to exist or become aware. These Merz Kitsch objects reflect the process of Schwitters/Dadaist use of found objects to create sculptural collages, giving new life and meaning to these found objects through this transformation; redefining the idea of beautiful in the modern world. It is ready for you to dance with it and create new stories. ...Read MoreRead Less

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