Rice Bowl Kit

By Emily Marie Glass, LLC, Emily Marie Millheim


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Made entirely out of borosilicate glass, this kit includes a rice bowl, chopsticks, a sauce dish, and a sake cup. Did you know that it is considered bad table manners to rest your chopsticks with the pointed ends inside the bowl? Good thing there are grooves carved into the rim of the bowl to provide an easy resting place for your delicate and lovely chopsticks! Comes with a hard case, so you can show up to your favorite sushi or ramen spot in style.

Glass (Borosilicate glass)

9 x 10 x 4 inches

About the artist

Emily Marie began her journey into the medium of Borosilicate glass in 2008 in Salt Lake City, Utah. After an apprenticeship with renowned glass artist Kristian Merwin, she began participating in a circuit of national glass blowing competitions, including the Degenerate Flame-Off in Oregon and the Champs Masters Final in Las Vegas. For several years she explored the wide and wonderful world of high-end glass pipes until she felt called to grow in a different direction. For the last few years Emily has focused on creating an ever-expanding range of handmade glassware and sushi sets designed to bring more delicacy, intention, and ritual to the act of eating and drinking. Recently she has also been expanding into wall art and interactive installations in homes and commercial spaces. When Emily isn't in the studio she spends as much time as possible skiing, hiking, camping, and getting outside in any way she can....Read MoreRead Less
Media: Glass
Category: Home/Decor, Home/Kitchen

Also by: Emily Marie Millheim

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