Red Ombre Multi Strand Necklace

By FrogAspect, Einat Cohen



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Hand-dyed multi strand necklace, made of stretch fabric with spandex. A great addition to any outfit whether it's casual, evening, or work. It will give you that extra twist you need to make your outfit look complete and fun. Smooth texture, lightweight. Great for travel, magnet clasp for easy wear.

Fiber/Wearable (Spandex polyester blend fabric, magnet clasp)

12 x 0.5 inches

About the artist

FrogAspect was established in 2007 by Einat Burg Cohen, 40, a mother of 2, jewelry designer and artist. Einat Studied in multi-disciplinary design at Seminar Hakibutzim collage In Tel Aviv, focusing on costumes design for performance arts. originally from Tel Aviv ISRAEL, relocated to Brooklyn, New York in 2016. the name FrogAspect derives from her curiosity to the frog's metamorphosis process and its extraordinary changeability with movement. this Summarizes The Process Of Einat's work That she's trying to emphasize by manipulating materials and taking their behaviors to its limits. Einat started her business with a singular collection of theatrical handmade scarfs made out of fabric scraps using repetitive hand knotting and threading techniques. Inevitably, due to the Israeli hot weather and in addition to the scarf collection, she created a line of textile Jewelry that both makes a statement, is light weight and fits most Climates. what started off as leftover Materials has turned into a line of textile necklaces, Mostly made out of spandex and Stretch fabric which Einat had found to be highly Versatile and fun to work with in the context of Jewelry Design. The process itself of manipulating the material and exploring its behaviors transforms it into new textures, transparencies and shapes. at times, she likes to describe her work as putting a spotlight on an imperfect detail or behavior and make it shine. if we just zoom in, we will find endless Treasures. ...Read MoreRead Less
Media: Fiber/Wearable
Category: Jewelry

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