Ra-Ta-Tat Tea, A Ceramic Teapot

By Meryl Ruth



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This stoneware teapot is designed to capture the image of a pileated woodpecker actively drumming on a decayed tree trunk in its search for insects for feeding. This beautiful, but noisy, bird is a denizen of the forested lakeside area in which I live. The branched tree trunk is made by press mold from rubber latex molds created for this purpose. The trunk is the teapot's body. The branch is the spout. The faux wood surfaces are distressed to give the impression of decayed wood. The lid is slip cast. A rubber mold was made from a real tree branch; wet clay press mold was created and modified to make the swirl in the lid. This was done to emulate the crest of the bird. Subsequently, the lid was colored by underglazes to match the red crest or pileated form. Similar red coloration was added to the end of the spout, thereby repeating the motif throughout the work. The woodpecker is made from a solid block of stoneware, hollowed, and fixed in place by score and slip method. The details of the bird are sculpted and carved. Extensive coloration is done with underglazes and China paints to provide an artistic interpretative perspective on this colorful woodpecker and the contrastingly decadent tree trunk that is home to its insect food supply.

Ceramic (Stoneware clay, glazes, feathers)

13 x 3 x 16.5 inches

About the artist

Meryl Ruth has gained international recognition for achievement of high-quality, intricate and imaginative ceramic and fiber art. Though most known for her ceramic and fiber teapots, she utilizes and combines a broad variety of techniques and media to create a vast array of two and three dimensional fine art. Her work has been displayed widely in museums, invitational and juried exhibitions, and gallery collections. They are sought after for purchase by focused collectors in the art world from Maine to such far away places as Hong Kong, England, Germany, and Australia. She has not only created an extensive personal oeuvre of ceramic and fiber art works, but has achieved academic stature as a teacher and mentor for novice and advanced artists. Meryl has a beautiful studio on a lake in southern Maine. Her work is on display on her website http://www.merylruth.com....Read MoreRead Less
Media: Ceramic
Category: Other, Home/Decor

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