Punch Earrings – Black/White

By Sally Prangley



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Riffing on the colors and shapes painted by the artist Paul Klee (and perhaps a bit of Keith Haring!), Punch Earrings are all about geometric patterns contrasting with colors. Square-shaped and flat, each piece has a different design. Made with unryu and tissue papers on paper board, the designs are cut from lamali paper. The same design is on both sides of each square. Sealed for protection and use.

Metal/precious, Paper (Papers and wire)

1.375 x 58 inches

About the artist

Sally blends traditional basketry and wirework techniques to create her unusual wire objects. All work is done by hand, freeform, using only wire and whatever materials she includes in the construction, most often paper, found objects, or vintage beads. Sally has drawn, painted, and created mixed-media art all her life and is largely self-taught. She minored in art history at Northwestern University and received her MBA in marketing from the George Washington University. Sally lives in her hometown of Seattle after many years on the east coast....Read MoreRead Less
Media: Metal/precious, Paper
Category: Jewelry

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