Paper Doll Mug in Pink and Orange

By Mobile_monkey, Corey Weiser-Vahey



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The first time I lost a sketchbook, all I could find was some random paper to continue working with. This started a fascination with one of the simplest forms of sketching. These paper dolls are first cut and then transferred to a clay slab using slip and underglaze. The slab is then used to build the mug. There is a little message inside the mug. It's visible when you are finished drinking your beverage of choice. Microwave and dishwasher safe.

Ceramic (White stoneware, slip, underglaze and a clear overglaze)

3 x 2 x 3 inches

About the artist

Corey uses any material available to tell a relatable story with humor and care. Ceramics, jewelry and millinery works dress the body and home while exploring relationships of art in the everyday functions.  Corey’s signature utilitarian art objects are considered live social beings, with a singular perspective to provide moments of aesthetic value and levity…’The importance of artful objects in our daily lives is very similar to that of music in my life.  Artful objects can make life extremely joyful and can make a huge effect on our moods’. She truly enjoys the ancient material of clay and found objects which are crafted into unique works of art. The work is to share a sense of wonder and joy in ordinary objects we pass-by without notice.    Corey is a true student of the finer points of art history in all its forms. Having obtained a BFA from Tyler school of Art where she concentrated in metals, it encouraged her to study abroad in Rome, Italy as well as Sydney, Australia honing her skills and seeking the various richness of artists and their story telling the world over....Read MoreRead Less
Media: Ceramic
Category: Home/Decor, Home/Kitchen

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