Pair Serving Slabs and Cups

By Lisa B. Evans Ceramics, Lisa B. Evans



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Delicate 'occasional' porcelain serving slabs are perfect for a mise en bouche or a biscotti after dinner. Paired with tiny cups they are perfect servers for a tiny bite. Slabs are rough thrown in porcelain, wild iron and a reactive cobalt surface. Each tiny cup holds approx 2oz, Lisa will select the perfect pair of cups for you.

Ceramic (Hand-thrown porcelain and iron slabs with matching tiny cups.)

5.5 x 2.5 x 3 inches

About the artist

Mid-coast Maine is a never ending source of inspiration for Lisa. She has pursued a self-guided career with clay and each time she enters the studio it feels like a new beginning. Lisa's practice is an extension of her days as a Landscape Architect, those aesthetics are more present in her work today than ever before. Working with porcelain and natural found elements she pursues their inherent qualities and how they reveal themselves in the kiln. Porcelain, thrown and altered on the wheel is Lisa's primary medium. For Lisa it is a beautiful pure palette which she finds extremely responsive allowing a very personal connection through her own ‘call and response’ throwing technique. It also is the perfect medium to which she can add found elements of ‘inclusions’, primarily iron that reveals itself more fully and organically in the firing process. ...Read MoreRead Less
Media: Ceramic
Category: Home/Decor, Home/Kitchen

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