Mobius Shawl in Black, White, and Gray Ombre Stripes

By Hetty Friedman Designs, Hetty Friedman



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This mobius shawl is a classic. I love the flow of black to gray to white. Wear it to jazz up a special event, or over jeans or casual pants. The perfect accesory. Hand-dyed, hypoallergenic, hand washable, and handwoven. Visit my website for a video of styling ideas.

Fiber/Wearable (Rayon Yarn)

About the artist

Hetty fell in love with weaving at a Connecticut arts camp in 1966 and has never looked back. It has taken her through a degree in Visual Design (MFA), study and work in inventory control management (MBA), and a successful 30-year management career in the garment industry. Utilizing her business savvy in a partnership with a Fair Trade weaver’s cooperative, she travels many times a year to Guatemala to teach Mayan back-strap weavers new techniques and to design products. Hetty Friedman Designs was founded in 2009. Hetty's designs are sold in museum shops, boutiques, art events, and online. Hetty’s main inspirations are the Bauhaus artists, Guatemalan indigenous weavers, Matisse, and Picasso. She often hand-paints her yarn, combining strong and unusual colors. Hetty weaves on a 36-inch 4 harness Le Clerc loom and an 8 harness Macomber loom which dominate the third floor studio in her Newton, Massachusetts home....Read MoreRead Less

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