Mobile turned from Buckeye Burl spheroids

By Eric Reeves, Woodturner, Eric Reeves, Woodturner



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This mobile has been constructed from eight individually-turned Buckeye Burl spheroids, attached to bent steel struts with an exceptionally strong thread, fastened to the spheroid with very small eye-hooks. The mobile has been perfectly balanced, and rotates with only the slightest movement of air, creating a fascinating, ever-changing constellation - almost as if a solar system is being observed. The Buckeye Burl spheroids have been carefully turned, matched, finished with a lustrous oil and wax finish, and each is an "object" in itself. The conical dimensions of movement are 15 inches in diameter and 40 inches from top sphere to bottom. 42” high and 17” in diameter

Fiber/Decorative (Individually lathe-turned Buckeye Burl spheroids constructed as mobile, with steel struts, black eye-hooks and German synthetic thread)

15 x 40 inches

About the artist

Eric has been turning wood professionally for over 25 years, with a continually-evolving aesthetic and range of technical skills. His work has been featured in some of the finest art and craft galleries in the country. He regularly exhibits in juried shows including CraftBoston. His newest work features many turnings from two extraordinary woods: Buckeye Burl and Australian Burl caps, with their eye-catching natural edges. He has also begun creating mobiles turned from Buckeye spheroids—exceedingly time-consuming to make, but yielding fascinating woodturning in motion. His finishes are a source of special pride, and after sealing woods that require it, his finish is a mixture of beeswax and carnauba wax, mixed in a very gentle solvent. The result is a lustrous but fully transparent finish, soft and pleasing to the touch. ...Read MoreRead Less
Media: Fiber/Decorative
Category: Home/Decor

Also by: Eric Reeves, Woodturner

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