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Kome-bukuro (rice bag) is a Japanese drawstring bag used to carry offerings of rice to temples or shrines.  They are made of fragments which are often hand spun cotton and vegetable dyed. Comprised of stripes, checks and Katazome, the cotton and silk cloth I use has been recycled from old kimonos, furoshiki or futon covers. The word literally means Rice (kome), Bag (bukuro.) The bag measures 10 1/2" tall (not including loops) and has a 7" x 7" square bottom. It is lined with Yukata fabric. 

Fiber/Decorative, Fiber/Wearable (Vintage Japanese Textiles: Silk and Cotton)

About the artist

Berri Kramer grew up in Lincoln, Massachusetts and was greatly influenced by classes at the DeCordova Museum. She earned a BFA in Design and Crafts from Kent State University in Ohio and a Masters in Fiber Exploration from Lesley University in Boston. Berri learned how to express stories in clay, metal, and color, but most importantly, she observed people making their way in the world as artists. Her art career began as a designer for Better Homes and Gardens and lasted lasted over 20 years. That venture became not only an opportunity to discover new materials and techniques, but one that involved continuous creative problem solving. She founded Heartwood College of Art in Maine, and for the past 25 years she has been its President. Berri also taught Color and Design, Exploration of Crafts, and Service to Humanity at Heartwood. ...Read MoreRead Less

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