Gold Leaf Earrings

By Porcelain and Stone, Kimberly Huestis



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Bright and leafy, these porcelain carved earrings were modeled after a Cambridge leaf found in the designer’s backyard. These leaf earrings are unique; 22k gold melted for a bit of whimsy, a similar design to my "shell collection". With their carved pattern, the hope is that over time, the gold high-points should wear to reveal the porcelain beneath, and the leaf becomes a golden outline. These custom carved earrings catch the light as it glints off of the melted 22k gold detailing. 14k gold-filled posts are mounted for those with sensitivities to nickel and plated metals.

Ceramic, Metal/precious (22k melted over porcelain, 14k gold-filled hardware)

.6 inches

About the artist

My background in rock carving and years as a professional building design architect and environmental consultant inform my design choices. Porcelain's strength and longevity are a nod to my Taiwanese/Scottish heritage just as working with my hands has always centered me to push normal expectations....Read MoreRead Less
Media: Ceramic, Metal/precious
Category: Jewelry

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