Garden Rows, 6×6 tiles, Set of 2

By Ruchika Madan



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Garden vegetables above and below ground are carved in a variety of textures on these 6 inch tiles. Press-molded and individually carved in the sgraffito technique. These tiles are suitable for use on the counter, wall decoration or installation. An indentation for hanging and cork bumpers are provided.

Ceramic (White stoneware clay with colored slip, cork dots)

6 x 6 x 0.375 inches

About the artist

Ruchika Madan has been a dedicated maker all her life. She spent a quiet childhood and all the years since, cutting, gluing, stitching, sawing, soldering, and cooking things up. After attending art school, she spent 20 years working primarily in clay as a studio potter and tile maker and teaching ceramics, selling work through fine craft galleries and exhibitions as well as retail shows. For ten years, she had a storefront studio in Somerville, MA, specializing in custom tile. She now works in garden product design and development, still making time for work in ceramics, relief printmaking and teaching. ...Read MoreRead Less
Media: Ceramic
Category: Home/Decor, Home/Kitchen

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