Flower Button Earrings

By Liz Clark Jewelry



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Small bouquets for the ears with twirling buds and flowers.

Metal/precious (Sterling silver)

1 inches

About the artist

Liz’s work investigates and celebrates the language of flowers and their meaning. Often incorporating kinetic elements, her work creates a symbiotic relationship between it and the wearer. The jewelry relies upon the wearer for movement that sets the kinetic elements in motion. Without the wearer, the work remains dormant. Flowers mark occasions in life, both joyous and melancholic. They have an immediate impact on our happiness, calmness, intimacy and wellbeing. They awaken our inner garden of emotions as we experience them in the wild or as we navigate interior spaces. Their impermanence is a reminder to be attentive and to take in life’s moments of beauty and stillness. ...Read MoreRead Less
Media: Metal/precious
Category: Jewelry

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