First Golden Branch Link Bracelet

By Found: in ABQ, Jessica deGruyter



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Laden with enamel and gems, a golden jasper stands, ready to be set free like a falling autumn leaf.

Metal/precious, Mixed Media (Sterling silver, fine silver, silver solder, 24k gold, 18k gold, enameled cottonwood leaf imprinted copper, enameled fine silver, bumblebee jasper cabochon, rutilated quartz cabochon, gossular garnet crystal specimen, chrysoprase bead, preying mantis wing specimen found in an ABQ garden)

7.75 x 1.25 x 0.5 inches

About the artist

Like you, Jessica deGruyter has always collected the ephemeral—those things that turn to dust in time. From a studio tucked into the back of a rambling garden in Albuquerque, NM, deGruyter works with traditional jewelry making tools and techniques, crafting modern-day curiosity cabinets, meant to display object and to hold space for memory. Her grandmother’s acetylene torch and chasing stamps handmade from rebar remnants inspire her work as much as the strange and lovely found-objects that distinguish it. As a self-taught and self-guided artist, she studies her craft through workshops, books, and experimentation with unusual materials.  deGruyter opened her Etsy shop, Found: in Albuquerque, in 2010.  Her work has been published in Belle Amore Jewelry Magazine (Winter 2017, Spring 2018), and she was invited to exhibit at the American Craft Council Show in St. Paul, MN for the first time in 2018. ...Read MoreRead Less

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