Eclipse Earrings

By Renate Surh



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Two scenes from an eclipse. In one panel, a partially occluded sun moves against the darkening sky with an uncanny twilight that glitters with texture and receding light. The other panel depicts totality; a circular disc strangely glowing amongst a mysterious shimmering shadow, void of light. Each scene sits below an inverted, triangular hollowform. With a sterling post and back.

Metal/other, Metal/precious (Post and drop earrings: sterling silver, 24k gold, and nickel)

1.25 x 2.125 inches

About the artist

Renate is an artist, metalsmith, graphic designer, photographer, and computer programmer who received master degrees from the University of Chicago and DePaul. She has always been drawn to the talismanic possibilities that jewelry offered since spending many childhood hours perusing the eclectic jewelry museums of the rural Four Corners. Curating her own menagerie of mineral oddities and gems ranging from the ethereal to something only a mother could love, her work evokes the natural, supernatural, and feelings of non-linear nostalgia....Read MoreRead Less

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