Creamy Pitcher

By Turtle Island Pottery, Maggie Jones



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This two-cup pitcher is stoneware, so it will go in the microwave, but handwashing is recommended. Inspired by antique pottery forms, the piece was begun on the potter's wheel, then altered by stretching and pinching in stages. The leaves were sculpted by hand, and the handle attached, pulled, and stretched into its ribbon shape.

Ceramic (Stoneware clay fired in an electric kiln)

6 x 5 x 5 inches

About the artist

In 1968 Maggie Jones discovered the potter's wheel in West Hartford, CT and has made a living with this craft since then. An apprenticeship and many workshops followed high school. In 1984 as a special student invitee, Maggie Jones spent 5 months at Scripps College in Claremont, CA with Paul Soldner. She had the same privileges as the graduate students working towards their MFA. Since 1984 she and her husband have made a business with this pottery in the mountains of Western North Carolina and raised two children....Read MoreRead Less
Media: Ceramic
Category: Home/Decor, Home/Kitchen

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