Cluster Pendant Necklace

By Suzanne Schwartz Jewelry, Suzanne Schwartz



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Dynamic Argentium silver pendant necklace is made of individual oxidized or bright silver handmade and forged squares, each square is stitched with fine silver wire in a contrasting color on an adjustable 16"-18” oxidized silver chain.

Metal/precious (Argentium silver bright and oxidized stitched in a contrasting fine silver color on a sterling silver chain)

18 x 1 x 1.5 inches

About the artist

Suzanne designs and creates jewelry that is inspired by nature and textiles. She discovered the freedom art could bring when her grandmother taught her to knit and sew as a child. It is her love of textiles, especially the look of the individual stitch, that she brings to her metal work. Stitching with fine silver and 22k gold wire, she uses texture and pattern to express the personality of each piece. She looks first at the artistic elements of the design, then at the composition of the jewelry, considering both its sculptural form and its wearability. Pieces are hand-formed and fabricated in silver and gold....Read MoreRead Less
Media: Metal/precious
Category: Jewelry

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