Claro Walnut Platter

By Bobbi Tornheim



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A gently sloped platter/bowl made of a richly nuanced slab of claro walnut, raised by three narrow carved feet. Small fissures are filled with malachite/epoxy. The finish is slow drying, food quality walnut oil, which keeps a natural glow, while sometimes being absorbed unevenly as the wood grain changes direction. The richness of the wood inspired a design that will stand on its own, or highlight colorful objects such as clementines or grapes.

Wood (Claro walnut wood)

16 x 16 x 4 inches

About the artist

When the famed William Brouwer took Bobbi on a tour of his Cambridge wood shop and introduced her to his lathe, she immediately grasped the future and "just wanted to make bowls". Allowing her a key to the shop started the process. Years later, joining LexArt's Woodworker's Guild where Joe Weerts could "keep an eye on her", she slowly made her way from roughing sticks and chunky bowls to hollow forms so thin that the light would shine through. Mentoring others brought a new level of skill and understanding of how far one can go with a spinning piece of tree and sharp tools. ...Read MoreRead Less
Media: Wood
Category: Home/Decor

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