Card X: Large Dangles

By BANKS. Designs, Andréa Banks



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These earring are inspired by Rorschach card X. Viewers often associated it with crabs, lobsters, spiders, rabbit heads, caterpillars, worms, and snakes. While it doesn’t have the original colors, I still get crustacean vibes. What do you see?

Metal/other, Metal/precious (22K gold plated saw-pierced brass and sterling silver posts)

3 x 2.375 inches

About the artist

Andréa's loved jewelry for as long as she can remember. Her grandmother used to tell a story about taking three-year old Andréa to church where she would sit beside a woman who wore large shiny necklaces. One day Andréa suddenly reached out, grabbed the necklace, and stared in awe. She's been hooked on jewelry ever since. Andréa studied theater years later and was drawn to the idea of reinvention through each character. She began to approach her everyday wear the way a costume designer would a script, crafting each outfit and its corresponding jewelry around who she was that day. While Andréa's aesthetic may have changed, she remains obsessed with fashion and adornment, crafting fun and bold, yet graceful designs. ...Read MoreRead Less

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