Burgundy jewel silk scarf

By M K Silks, Maureen Kamerick



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This scarf is woven from very fine, 30/2 silk. Starting with the undyed skeins, I dye the silk in a closely modulated green and brown palette. Once the scarf is off the loom, I braid the fringe. This gives the piece a more finished, elegant look and also protects the fringe from wear and tear (fraying, etc.) which helps extend the life of the scarf. Silk is a luxurious but also very hardwearing fiber which can be worn in almost all seasons, and because the scarf has a very soft, fine drape, it can be worn both outside with a coat or jacket, or indoors. The price of the scarf includes the shipping.

Fiber/Wearable (Hand-dyed handwoven silk)

60 x 12 inches

About the artist

Originally from the Midwest, Maureen studied painting and drawing, as well as art history at the University of Michigan. She became increasingly interested in textiles, and while living in Tennessee, studied with a master weaver, and began to explore the heritage of Appalachian weaving. Since moving to the Delaware in the 1980’s, she has been busy weaving and exhibiting her work, through galleries, stores and craft and museum shows. She has worked as a Teaching Artist for the Delaware Institute for the Arts in Education and served as the Standards Chair for the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen, also volunteering for local arts organizations. These days most of her time is spent in the studio. ...Read MoreRead Less

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