Bohemian Cuff

By Intertwined Original Art, Jill Heir



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Inspired by the incredible artistry of Czech lace, this original piece was created with three graduated widths of fine cane and three varying shades of red on a Red Oak base culminating in a beaded rim. Finished with shellac.

Fiber/Decorative, Mixed Media (Sculptural woven object)

7 x 7 x 8.25 inches

About the artist

Once, Jill Heir's days were filled with data and specifications but her daydreams were of artistic forms. She felt alive whenever she contemplated the beauty of nature and she saw a new path. The artist behind the desk was freed. Reed and sustainable natural elements fascinate her. The inter-play between left and right brain stimulates her creative process and leads her work in new directions. ...Read MoreRead Less

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