Blue Sapphire Ring in White Gold

By Diana Widman Design, Diana



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This midnight blue sapphire weighs 1.2 carats and is set in a simple, elegant white gold setting. Perfect for daily wear, this could stack with others in your collection or be an engagement ring for a modern bride.

Metal/precious (cast and set)

.5 x .2 x .5 inches

About the artist

“Elegance for Every Day” is my core design philosophy. Scale, comfort, and durability are central considerations so that pieces can be worn with casual or formal attire. All of my customers are jewelry lovers and professionals, so the need for distinct pieces that work in the office or at social events is crucial. I've also created and manufactured hundreds of custom pieces, using new or heirloom stones to mark special occasions, or for no reason at all. Diana is a Colored Stone graduate of the Graduate Gemologist program at GIA, a jewelry appraiser, and metalsmith. Diana’s work has been featured in many publications including Professional Jeweler, National Jeweler, Elle, and others. ...Read MoreRead Less
Media: Metal/precious
Category: Jewelry

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