Black and Gold Long Bar Posts

By Amalia Moon, Amalia Guettinger



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Simple and refined, casual or dressy with a little edge. These earring are handcrafted from recycled sterling silver. A high karat gold foil is heat bonded to the silver, each design is hand applied so it will vary slightly from photo. The silver is then oxidized to provide contrast with the gold. Sterling silver ear posts and nuts.

Metal/precious (Recycled Sterling Silver, 23.5 Karat Gold Foil, Patina)

1.22 x .16 x .039 inches

About the artist

Ever the avid reader, Amalia came into metalsmithing through browsing in a bookstore craft section. Upon learning it possible to create interesting and beautiful objects with some tool and her own hands, she signed up for a weekend jewelry making course to learn the basics. She then pursued and refined her craft for many years through a series of apprenticeships, workshops as well as working under award winning designers. Originally from sunny California, she moved to the chilly East Coast to finish off an art degree in Metalsmithing. After completion, she set out to run her eponymous studio brand and has participated in several juried art shows. ...Read MoreRead Less
Media: Metal/precious
Category: Jewelry

Also by: Amalia Guettinger

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