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Limited edition ”Bark” scarf is made of super fine merino wool, beautifully hand-crafted by textile artist Jeung-Hwa Park. This is a genderless and reversible scarf. The back side shows black/white vertical stripes. The size is 75 inches long and 7 inches wide. Color shows black/white.

Fiber/Wearable (Made of superfine merino wool with knitted, felted, textured scarf)

75 x 7 inches

About the artist

Jeung-Hwa Park is an educator and textile artist who showcases her work in museums, galleries and respected craft shows in the US and abroad. After earning the MFA in Textiles at RISD, Park continued to vigorously pursue a career as an artist in the professional field of craft. She has exhibited her innovative sculptural knitted work in exhibitions and has received awards from nationally recognized associations for artistic achievement. In addition, her knit work has been purchased for prestigious permanent fashion and textile collections by the Museum of Art and Design in New York, the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Fidelity Investments Art Collection in Smithfield and the Hong Kong Design Institution Museum Collection. After more than a decade of teaching at RISD, she rediscovered her love of teaching and gained confidence in her own teaching philosophy. Jeung-Hwa continues to balance her career in the field of textiles and education. ...Read MoreRead Less

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